We are a group of Tigrinya translators and enthusiasts. We spend most of our time improving our online Tigrinya Dictionary that has over 60,000 Tigrinya words translated into 8 major Languages.

If you need professional translation of a document from or to Tigrinya, we can do that with great accuracy.


We love to see more books published in Tigrinya. But not those ugly word document formatted books. We have designed Adobe Indesign template for Tigrinya books, fliers and magazines. We even have latex template that makes amazing book style for any type of document.

We have worked on OCR technology to convert old Tigrinya Books to electronic format. Googles OCR engine called Tesseract OCR is a programmable and trainable OCR engine. We had good success working with Tesseract OCR for old Tigrinya books.

Research resources

To help Tigrinya and Amharic Natural Language Processing (NLP) researchers, We have created a web crawler that collects Amharic and Tigrigna texts from the Internet using Google Cloud Search. The collected text is splitted to words and sorted by number of occurrences. It has been used a number of research papers and scientific application like HornMorpho, and products like What3Words and Kofax OCR.

You can download and make use of the word lists for scientific purpose