Custom Google Translate for Tigrinya with audio

Free translation and audio convertion for Tigrinya.

Tigrinya translation and audio reading are still work in progress. Translation is limited to 2000 characters. Get an account if you want to translate bigger documents or read longer text. login


This page is powered by Google Translate, Microsoft and Audio Conversion AI tool called TTS. It can translate more than 100 languages to Tigrinya. It can also read Tigrinya and other languages with human like accuracy.

Most of this services are expensive and we do pay Google Translate and Microsoft Translate for their service. Thanks to our sponsors who donate to keep the website free. We would like you to contribute as well, if you find the website is useful. If you have large text to translate or convert to audio. Or if you like to use the technology for your own project. Please drop as a message. We are happy to assist you.

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