Custom Google Translate for Tigrinya with audio

Free translation and reader for Tigrinya.

ማርቆሳይ ወይኒ ምስ ሕምባሻይ

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Tigrinya translation and audio reading are still work in progress. Translation is limited to 2000 characters. Get an account if you want to translate bigger documents or read longer text. login

Google Translate vs.

This page will soon move to Google Translate. Keep reading if you want to know why this page is created and how it works.

We have been asking Google to add Tigrinya into Google Translate for many years. Finally Tigrinya is in Google Translate under development. It is not yet available publicly yet. So we have started building it ourselves since 2016. Google also has other services that can support any language (including Tigrinya); but these services are not free. This webpage used paid Google services to create a free translation from any language to Tigrinya.

Many people have told us is useful to them. Hence we shall keep it running until Tigrinya is fully active in the Free Google Translate Application.

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