Custom Tigrinya audio synthesizer new

This program reads Tigrinya text to audio. Please type using Tigrinya keyboard. Tigrinya written in Latin characters does not work as expected.

For fast response, read one sentence at a time (not more than 200 letters). If you want to read large text, Please contact us. We can generate a complete audiobook for you.

Audio to Text coming soon

We can also convert Tigrinya audio to text. It is not available yet online. But we have it running on our server. If you have big audio you want it to be converted to text. We can do that too.

T uses a combination of cloud technologies from Google, Microsoft, and haggingFace AI.



about Tigrinya audio synthesis and transcription

Creating audiobook from Tigrinya Text
We can auto convert large text (eg. Tigrinya Bible) to audio. The quality of automatically created audiobooks may not be as good as audio recorded by an experienced person. But for a fraction of the cost, you can get understandable audio. Good use of punctuation and right-spelling improves the quality of the audio. We can help you create audio files from text. Audio can be splitted as required, which is handy for a video project.
Another speech technology that is now available for Tigrinya is audio transcription. If you have large amount of audio recording and want to convert it to Tigrinya, and may be you want then translate it to English or make it as a printed book. This is possible now. As noted above, the quality of the transcribed text depends on the quality of audio. Clear audio without music or noise in the background is better. Text transcribed automatically requires human proofing. The technology is new for Tigrinya, there will be errors and it has to be checked before using the Text.
Automatic transcription or naration does 80% of the job. But a human with good command of Tigrinya has to review it to complete the job. We have people in our team who have done excellent proof reading in the past. Contact us, we love to help you.